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A brown rice bean daifuku with various grains made with the hope that everyone, including yourself, your friends, and those you gift it to will be blessed with good luck and circulation inside their bodies will improve. There are two types of bean paste inside: mashed bean paste and fine-grain bean paste. Both use red beans and black beans grown naturally on the Tokachi Plains of Hokkaido. 




Emi Koboreru Ann

You can’t help but smile when you eat it… This is where the name "Emi Koboreru Ann ” comes from.  This sweet is a ball of Wanokashi Meguri’s original bean paste wrapped around a Nama-chocolate, a Japanese style ganache. The Nama-chocolate is a slightly more sophisticated flavor made with cacao mass, organic apple sauce, Cointreau, and more.



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A gluten-free baked sweet. The omega 3 sesame powder is made by pressing sesame oil into a powder form to prevent oxidation. After being pressed from sesame oil, the sesame powder is also degreased to some extent. It contains organic coconut oil without an aroma and organic cashew nuts for richness.


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Health is a matter of good blood circulation in the body. Wanokashi Meguri carefully choses ingredients that raise blood sugar levels less and follow the laws of nature to promote circulation and provide a new spin on Japanese sweets that allow you to enjoy all of the nutrients. The sugar content of the bean paste is only comes from organic agave syrup, which does not raise blood sugar levels very much.


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No sweetness is added other than the organic agave syrup used in the carefully cooked bean paste. It contains organic inulin, a water-soluble fiber made from the agave syrup.


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