Wa no Kashi MEGURI


Good health means good blood circulation.

This is a new style of Japanese confectionery made using only ingredients that follow the laws of nature

to prevent spikes in blood sugar

levels and promote circulation so that you can enjoy all of the nutrients.

The natural sweetness relaxes you in mind and body, and is only from agave syrup, which is less prone to

raising blood sugar levels.

Contains no eggs, dairy products, flour, or additives.

After eating our sweets, you will feel

comfortable, calm, and happy.

Enjoy them yourself and ‘circulate’ the delicioushappiness among your family and loved ones.

It would make us happy for you

to enjoy this little reward.




3-2-1 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0064


11:30-18:00 Closed Mondays (Irregular holidays)

Business hours are subject to change.







Fukumeguri Cさん

I was looking for Japanese sweets like these.Daifuku without pesticides and sugar—I was really glad! I had almost given up whenI found them. The mildly sweet bean paste is gentle and delicious, and I can’t stop eating them, so it's a little dangerous (^_^;). Although it is a somewhat unusual way to eat them, my favorite way is to take them out of the freezer and put them straight into the toaster oven at 250 degrees for 5 minutes. Then, the outer mochi part is a little soft, the center of the bean paste inside is slightly frozen, and the outside of the bean paste is also little soft. It's perfect to me.  I enjoy the flavor while enjoying looking at the cross-section. I can't buy them often because of the shipping costs, but I will purchase again!



Fukumeguri Dさん

The sweetness was very gentle, making for a Japanese confectionery that suits my taste. There are not many places that sell sugar-free Japanese sweets, so I took the plunge and ordered some and they were very good. I'd like to purchase again someday!



Meguri no an 、Fukumeguri、Shikakui meguri Kさん

They had a smooth texture, the sweetness was just right, and I was able to fully enjoy the taste of matcha! I wanted to buy other flavored bean pastes as well.

The Fuku-meguri was less sweet than I expected, but I liked that it was healthy. They’re delicious and you can eat as many as you want. The Shikakui-meguri was crunchy cookies, which also tasted healthy with mild sweetness! Chai spice became my favorite. After consulting with my wallet, I would like to buy it again. It was a real treat.


Fukumeguri、Emikoboreruan Mさん

It was my second Fuku-meguri and my first purchase of Emi Koboreru Ann. I had both mashed and fine-grain bean paste for Fuku-meguriand both were delicious. At first, I felt that the sweetness was not enough, but it turned out to be a delicious taste that made my body feel happy with its warm and gentle taste. Emi Koboreru Ann was quite impressive. The bean paste with chocolate inside were the best match! I was surprised how well they went together! It also had a mild flavor with a good aftertaste that I think goes well with green tea, coffee, or black tea.



Fukumeguri、shikakuiMeguri set Yさん

The letter explained how to defrost them, so I used a rice cooker to defrost the frozen Fuku-meguri. The mochi was fluffy and smooth and the bean paste had a natural sweetness. Japanese sweets that make you feel really happy!





2023.May.1 release


2022.December.21 release


2022.October.25 release