アイスキャンディ Eさん

They make the most of the natural sweetness and taste of the ingredients to delicious effect. Both the matcha and red beans are rich and satisfying. It’s like you can feel your body appreciating it by how it tastes. This is a good product to overcome with overwhelming heat of Tokyo in good spirits.




Thank you for sending us the sweets the other day.

I was happy to have sweets I could eat with peace of mind despite my father being a diabetic, and so they were great both physically and mentally.

I also work in Japanese sweets, so I understand that the hurdles for sweets that do not use sugar are high.

I was impressed when I saw in a magazine that you carefully investigated the ingredients to devise delicious Japanese sweets.

Thank you very much.



福巡り、四角い巡り Mさん

The delivery was also quick. At first, I felt that the Fuku-meguri lacked sweetness, but it became more delicious as I ate. The Shikakui-meguri also has a taste that is gentle on the body.



アイスキャンディ Mさん

I liked the taste of both the red beans and the matcha. The refreshing taste is perfect for summer! The matcha also has a strong tea flavor with a good bitterness. It is hard since it is a candy. I have defrosted it to my preferred firmness. Thank you for selling the 2-piece sets.



アイスキャンディ Kさん

It was rich with a gentle sweetness. It was a very luxurious ice cream with the texture of the ingredients rather than an icy feeling. This is an ice cream you’ll want to eat every summer.




Thank you for contacting me.

For me, trying to get rid of sugar, it is a very precious and appreciated sweet.

Carefully selected ingredients, a light red bean paste made with agave syrup that does not raise blood sugar levels very much! It's the best.

I know there are days when you are overwhelmed by what you have to do and get tired, but please do your best at your own pace while listening to your body.

I will continue to support your business.

Thank you very much.



もちっふわっバター風味どら焼き、福巡り Mさん

The outer skin of the dorayaki is impressively soft and fluffy. There were various bean pastes, all of them delicious, but for me the rum raisin and matcha were even more delicious than I had imagined. I'm glad to be able to purchase by mail. Fuku-meguri is reliably delicious! Taste is a matter of preference, so I recommend just trying it first!



アイスキャンディ Rさん

It was so delicious! I will definitely order again.



福巡り Kさん

This is K, who had you send a product the other day. The gift was very appreciated and I also received a little for myself. It was delicious and impressive. Thank you very much. I would like to give it to my father in Fukuoka as well, so I will order again. Thank you very much.



福巡り S.Tさん

The other day, a friend in Gifu sent me a set of daifuku and mochi ... I received a happy email from my friend, so I hope you will read it. (*^^*)

Below is the email.

Nene is a cat who had lived with them for 20 years.


"Hello. The delicious daifuku arrived.

Thank you. I ate one just now.

The sweetness is surprisingly modest, and even though the red bean paste is large, I ate the whole piece at once.

It's so delicious--where did you find it?

Additive-free sweets are rare, so that must be why it's frozen.


Today is 7 days since Nene died.

I was depressed, but the delicious daifuku gave me an appetite.


Nene may not eat it, but I will make an offering to her.


Thank you so much, I'm starting to feel a little better.

Today the sky is blue and I am happy."


I was also happy to hear that such hearty and delicious food can cheer people up!

Thank you very much(*^^*)



福巡り、四角い巡り、笑みこぼれる餡 Y.Sさん

Good morning.

Thank you for taking a look at my Instagram! I'm glad. (*^^*)

I'm sure you are busy with work now…

I can't believe that you are manually preparing these by yourself every day.

I saw an article in Croissant 2017 issue.

A Japanese sweets shop “Meguri,” making use of all of Mrs. Kuroiwa's past experience.

It's a wonderful shop with the thoughts of Mrs. Kuroiwa and her husband...

I was reading the article and was almost moved to tears…

My mother died of cancer when I was in high school, and I myself was diagnosed with suspected SLE, or systemic lupus erythematosus, which is designated as an incurable disease, when I was 20 years old. Like Mrs. Kuroiwa, I was hypothermic and wore socks even in summer.

I read the Internet and books and became a health enthusiast—trying raw food, macrobiotics, veganism, etc....

Now, as a result of trying various health methods, I am spending my time flexibly according to my physical condition at the time, but I still want to be fastidious with ingredients, and then I came across the "Meguri" of sweets made by Mrs. Kuroiwa.^_^

Yesterday, I had the Shikakui-meguri and Emi Koboreru Ann with my family. It was very tasty. They were impressed by the gentle handmade taste, asking if I bought it at a shop‼

My children, especially the youngest one-year-old, couldn’t get enough! ♫

Thanks to the safe ingredients, even as a parent, you can happily give it to your children.

I had the Fuku-meguri this morning, after breakfast. ♡ 

The addition of brown rice, millet grains, red beans, black beans, and the gentle sweetness of agave make a delicious daifuku in perfect harmony! I feel like, “I found something special!” 

I rejected my child’s opinion of "Give me one more!" The precious Fuku-meguri is limited to one per day. 

"I'm sure it takes a lot of time and effort to make bean paste and mochi, and I appreciate it.”

Those are my thoughts as I slowly enjoy them.


Mrs. Kuroiwa, please continue to send out delicious and gentle "Japanese sweets" to the whole country!^ - ^

Both the ingredients and the creator are polite and affectionate, and I feel like this comes through in your own personality when you eat them, as in the saying, “you are what you eat.”

Not only sugar, milk, etc., but also, in recent years, various poisons such as pesticides and genetic modification have become widespread in society. For the sake of our health and the children who will carry the future on their shoulders, I hope we will continue to learn every day and make smart choices.

I am sincerely grateful to have encountered Mrs. Kuroiwa. ♡

I apologize for my long-winded letter.

I hope that today will be another fulfilling and wonderful day for Mrs. Kuroiwa...



I always order wonderful products from Wanokashi Meguri. I think it is a very valuable Japanese confectionery shop where you can experience "deliciousness" not only in the sense of taste, but also in the attention to detail such as appearance, ingredients, and packaging. The taste itself is very rich and delicious, allowing you to enjoy it thoroughly. If you give it as a gift, the recipient will surely be impressed and enjoy it. Thank you very much as always.



I sent some as a return gift.

I was delighted to find such a wonderful thing! I want to order some for myself.



The packaging of the box when it arrived and the appearance of the cake after opening it were beautiful and exciting! And the taste was outstanding! Christmas reminds you of a cake eaten with a feast. Until now, I used to eat cake full of whipped cream from the market with my family, and it always upset my stomach, but this year, thanks to this cake, I was able to experience a delicious dessert without upsetting my stomach. It is a delicious cake that is gentle on the body. Thank you for sending it to us in time for Christmas amid the flood of reservations!